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Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Cardinal Scale offers a number of connectivity options for sending scales' weight measurement data to peripheral equipment such as indicators, remote displays, PCs, networks, printers, and even mobile devices such as digital tablets and smart phones. For short range, non-legal-for-trade Wi-Fi connectivity, ScaleNET offers the solution for transmitting weight data to PCs, Android®, and Apple® devices over a wireless network. For long-range connectivity (up to 1 mile line of sight), NTEP applications, SnapStream is the answer. SnapStream is a fully-integrated wireless scale system that offers a number of advantages and cost-saving benefits for truck, floor, and tank/hopper scales. Additionally, Cardinal's S2WIFI is a weatherproof, outdoor-grade, compact Wi-Fi module that provides serial to Ethernet Wi-Fi conversion for connectivity with Cardinal indicators.

S2WIFI - 1

S2WIFI Serial to Wi-Fi Module

Cardinal Scale’s S2WIFI connects to IEEE 802.11b/g wireless local area networks (wireless LAN) and allows you to wirelessly send data from weight indicators to existing networks, remote displays, printers, laptops, PCs, tablets, and smart phones. The S2WIFI features a watertight weather-proof enclosure, network configuration recall, compact size, Web browser configuration, and connects to existing networks.

ScaleNET Wi-Fi

ScaleNET Wi-Fi

The ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitters are load cell analog-to-digital converters with Wi-Fi for sending weight data from a scale base to a wireless network. Designed for non-legal-for-trade weighing applications, ScaleNET may be used with bench scales, floor scales, axle pads, tank/hopper scales, and ag bars (60 ft/18 m range). The configuration utility app is available for PC, Android®, and Apple® devices.


SnapStream Wireless Systems

Cardinal’s SnapStream is a fully-integrated NTEP legal-for-trade wireless scale system for commercial applications. It’s completely proprietary to Cardinal Scale and offers a number of competitive advantages for new or pre-existing scale installations. SnapStream allows a scale to send weight data wirelessly to an indicator and the indicator in turn to send that data wirelessly to remote displays, printers, PC’s and networks.

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