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Mild or Stainless Steel Stands


CenterPoint Self-Checking

Features stainless steel construction, center-load double-ended shear beam load cells, environmentally-sealed to weather all conditions, precision engineering, three or four legged mounting assemblies, bolt-in place design, articulating top plate, mild or stainless steel stands, self-checking sliding pin. Capacities range from 7,500 to 200,000 lbs.


HBC Hydraulic

This superior level tank/hopper scale kit features stainless steel hydraulic load cells, a totalizer cabinet and 20 ft of copper or optional stainless steel tubing per load cell. Self-checking 3 and 4-legged stand assemblies are available. Impervious to lightning and water damage. NTEP legal-for-trade (consult factory). Capacities available from 7,500 to 400,000 lbs.


SBCS Electronic

Features mild or stainless steel constructed stand, for use with Cardinal SB series self-checking shear beam load cells only (cell not included), lower load cell mounting plate, upper mounting plate, hardened steel load button, bolts and lock washers for securing load cell to stand. Capacities range from 2,500 to 20,000 lbs.


TBCS Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s TBCS self-checking electronic load cell kits are versatile weighing modules for wide-ranging applications such as tanks, hoppers, silos, bins, and mixers. The TBCS series uses stainless steel load cells and come with mild or stainless steel bolt-in-place stands. The kits include three or four stand assemblies, load cells, stainless steel junction box, and cables. System capacities vary from 3,000 to 16,000 lb.


THBC Electronic

Cardinal’s THBC electronic load cell kits are ideal for weighing tanks, hoppers, mixers, and conveyors. These self-checking load cell kits are available with mild steel or stainless steel stands, system capacities ranging from 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) up to 200,000 lb (90,700 kg), and stainless steel waterproof NTEP load cells. Each kit comes with 3 or 4 load cells, load cell stands, cable, and a stainless steel junction box.

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