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Remote Displays

Remote Displays

Cardinal's versatile remote displays provide bright, easy-to-read weight readouts from a distance. Available in several sizes and with a variety of features, many digital remote displays include an ambient light sensor and multiple levels of brightness for increased visibility. Cardinal's SB500 remote display features a traffic direction signal for clarity and safety in addition to built-in rain hoods for protection from the elements. The SB500 remote display also features large 5-inch-high weight readouts with dual-row LED digits for easy reading from a distance. The smaller RD series of remote displays is perfect for precise agricultural measurements and warehouse weighing use. Choose one of Cardinal's industry-leading remote displays for clear readouts, traffic coordination, and increased accuracy. For multi-platform truck scales, consider the RD2X4 quad scoreboard which displays axle weights plus total.

RD2 - 2

RD2 – 2.25″ LED

Features quality stainless steel enclosure, 2.25-inch/57 mm, 6-digit, 7-segment High LED display with 10 levels of brightness, 150 feet viewing range, bi-directional RS232 serial port, versatile mounting bracket, compact overall size, and 3 navigation keys.


RD2X4 Quad Display

Cardinal Scale’s RD2X4 quad remote display provides readouts for multi-platform truck scales (Steering Axle, Drive Axle, Trailer Axle, and Total Weight) visible up to 150 feet away. The RD2X4 scoreboard features high-intensity 2.25-in-high LED digits, 10 brightness level settings, Auto Learn mode adapts to weight indicator protocols, RS-232 or 20mA current loop connectivity, and steel enclosure with rain hood.


RD3 – 2″ LCD

Features tough polycarbonate enclosure, 2-inch/50 mm high back-lit LCD display, serial port configurable with auto-detection, and multiple display ability, optimum visibility across a broad range of weighing applications.


SB250 – 2.6″ LED

Features mild steel constructed enclosure, 2.6-inch/66 mm LED display, alphanumeric 5 x 7 upper/lowercase characters, 200-foot viewing distance, 70-degree wide viewing angle, bi-directional RS232 serial port, brightness control, low power circuitry, mounting tabs and annunciators of lb, kg, T, t, G and N.

SB500 - 2

SB500 Series – 5″ LED

Features superb quality, giant 5-inch/127 mm high-intensity LED display, 250-foot viewing distance, weatherproof mild or stainless steel enclosure, mounting tabs, bi-directional RS232 port, auto-learn serial protocol, annunciators for lb, kg, T, t, G and N. Custom programmable software to create your own graphics.

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